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The Ultimate Head Gasket Sealing System

Special High Strength Aluminium, Iron, Nickel Blend Combustion Ring material.

It has superior conductivity of heat between Cylinder Head and Block.

One piece Combustion Ring Construction with direct metal to metal contact on Combustion Ring surface.

Less chance of Combustion Gas push between gasket layers.

Wide Combustion Ring surface contact area on Head Surface - minimises any Head Surface damage.

Seperate Combustion Ring design locked into machined groove in cyl block means no chance of Ring movement and allows ultimate combustion gas sealing. Especially when Cylinder pressures are at peak on high Boost High HP Turbocharged Engines running on E85 Fuel. (Tested @ above 7hp/cubic inch) in 4 cyl engine @ 45 psi Boost.

The MLS outer gasket keeps Head and Bore Distortion to a minimum, as material thickness remains constant once torqued. This provides a ridget uniform thickness to assure maximum and even Torque Load on our unique Combustion Rings and an ultimate seal for coolant & Oil galleries.

If coolant push occurs, generally a Head Retorque will allow reseal of Combustion Rings & allow you to finish the event.

Combustion Rings & MLS outer gasket can be purchased separately.

Gaskets are available for different Applications on request.

Combustion rings & MLS outer are reusable providing they are still within measurement specifications and not damaged.

Ther is no chance of Viton Coating Abrasion around the Combustion Ring like standard MLS Gaskets.

Standard MLS gaskets can severely damage Aluminium Heads due to the fact that Stainless has a much higher melting point than Aluminium and generally MLS gaskets will cut into the Head Surface around the Combustion Ring, especially if Combustion Gas breaches the firing ring area.

Sizes available in store now - 83mm Bore up to 87mm Bore.  Most other sizes can be manufactured.

Examples of Engine Types are:

- 4G63 Mitsubishi Evo $433.92 + GST

- SR20 Nissan Sylvia

- CA18 Nissan

- 3SGTE Toyota

- 4AGE Toyota

- VR38 DET Nissan R35

Enquire for custom orders.

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