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VHM - Upgrade Parts for

 KTM 85SX / Husqvarna TC85

2018 - 2020

VHM Cylinder head KTM 85SX / Husqvarna TC85 2018 - 2020

The world famous golden VHM head with exchangeable combustion chamber is specially developed for optimal power output during the whole race and has an improved water duct. It's manufactured from a high quality alloy and O-rings are used for the sealing.

Use VHM standard insert:

AE32281-E (for OEM piston)

AE32281-013 (for 12° VHM piston APKT08521707)

More engine power

Better heat transference

More resistance to detonation

Exchangeable combustion chambers available

Inserts must be ordered seperately, see complementary parts below.



VHM CDI KTM 85SX / Husqvarna TC85 2018 - 2020

2018-2020 KTM85 + TC85

Map by VHM, units by GET. Specially developed to get the maximum performance with our VHM upgrade kit parts. Map 1, the VHM map, is developed, tested and programmed by us in combination with VHM upgrade kit parts. We've improved the ignition curve for the best performance. You can also switch to map 2, the standard GET map, switch is included with the CDI unit.

VHM map pre-installed

High power output

Plug & Play

Including map switch

Including aluminium mounting plate

High quality by GET

Map 1: VHM, Map 2: Standard GET The aluminium mounting plate is included in the CDi box since 18-06-2019


C​Crankshaft Stuffers

VHM crankshaft stuffers VHM crankshaft (AK20164) KTM 85SX 2013 - 2017 (2 pieces, black synthetic plates)

VHM crankshaft stuffers VHM crankshaft (AK20164) KTM 85SX 2013 - 2017 (2 pieces, black synthetic plates)